Dates and events

The Focolare Movement in Fontem

(a few selected dates)


1963Lucio, Nicasio and Danilo arrive in Cameroon
21-25 June 1965Chiara’s first journey to Cameroon and meets with Msgr. Julius Peeters
16 January 1966The Fon and the chiefs of Fontem write to Bishop Peeters accepting the conditions for the arrival of the focolarini. The Focolare town will be built in Nveh on the land of Chief Forchap
6 February 1966Lucio and the first focolarini arrive in Belleh
16 March 1966The government gives permission to open Our Lady, Seat of Wisdom College
17-20 June 1966Chiara visits Cameroon for the second time
17 June 1966Chiara meets Msgr. Peeters in Buea
18 June 1966Chiara visits Fontem for the first time
19 June 1966The laying of the foundation stone of the hospital, MHA.
13 September 1966Inauguration of Our Lady Seat of Wisdom College
1 August 1967Work begins on the hydroelectric plant with Piero Pasolini
17-23 January 1969Chiara visits Cameroon for the third time and Fontem for the second for the inauguration of the second section of the hospital
February 1969Birth of “Africa Project”, an engagement of youth in developòent
4 October 1969Marilen Holzhauser arrives in Fontem with Fr. Foresi
20 January 1970Fr. Adolfo Raggio arrives in Fontem
Easter 1970Laying of the foundation stone of St Clare’s Church
14-18 December 1972The first Mariapolis in Fontem
1974Work on St. Clare’s Church is ended
12 January 1975Inauguration of St. Clare’s Church
17 November 1976Inauguration of the dispensary in Fonjumetaw. The Focolare in Fonjumetaw
7 April 1982Death of Fon Defang
27 April 1982Lucas Njifua becomes the Fon of Fontem
1983Maternity ward of MHA is inaugurated
1989-199512 roads are opened to connect some villages
1994Inauguration of Unity road between Fotabong and Besali
1999Fontem comes under the newly created diocese of Mamfe. The first Bishop is Msgr. Francis Teke Lysinge
1-18 May 2000Chiara visits Fontem for the third time and launches the “New Evangelisation”