Focolare Movement of Fontem

Gen 3

Gen 3


They are the Gen 3 are girls and boys from 9 to 17 years of age who are part of the New Generation of the Focolare Movement. They share their same ideals coming from various christian churches as well as members of other religions and those who have no particular religious beliefs.

They were born to bring about a revolution of love all over the world, especially among boys and girls, and to fulfill Jesus’ last testament, “That all may be one,”5 overcoming every barrier, big or small, to reach this goal.

The gen 3 want to be a generation of saints and for this reason they live the Gospel and have the Holy Spirit as their protector6.They say “yes” to the will of God, just like Mary did at the Annunciation, and follow God’s call just like Jesus did as a boy when he stayed back to converse with the teachers in the temple7.

The life of the Gen 3 is complete and fulfilled when they live for the Teens for Unity Movement to which they are animators.

a)     they spread the culture of giving

b)     they raise funds to help boys and girls their age attend school and cover other necessities;

c)     they try to live in such a way that many other boys and girls, coming into contact with the presence of Jesus amongst them through their mutual love, can experience the presence of God,

d)     they also communicate their life through songs; they contribute to the building of the little towns of the Movement where boys and girls can go to experience a united world;

The gen 3 of Fontem have their regular meetings and formations. They are well inserted to the activities of the larger family of the Focolare Movement in the zone of Fontem.  In the meetings of the New Evangelization which are held in the Mariapolis Center every two months, they are always ready to put in common their talents and service like being part of the choir, preparing a drama, sharing their experiences on how they put into practice the Gospel in their daily life, or even just preparing the place of the meeting before or after.  Depending on their availability and where it is needed, they also go to the different quarters or villages to carry out the Word of Life meetings together with the adults and other members of the movement. When there are small or big gatherings of the community, like Mariapolises, or Cry dies or other celebrations, they are also ready to help in the cleaning of the environment, washing of plates, working in the kitchen, or whatever is needed.  They also assist in the activities of the Parish but they also feel helped and enriched by the community which makes them stronger in facing the challenges they meet in their daily life.