Fontem is a small town situated in the South West province of Cameroun. The first little Town of the Focolare Movement in Africa.

“I already see rising up in this place a great city, a city which will be famous throughout the whole world -not so much for its material wealth – but because a light will shine from it that will illuminate everyone, that all will wish to posses.  It is a light that will spread forth from mutual love always kept alive among us in the name of God.”

Chiara Lubich, Fontem, 1969

Mariapolis Center

It’s our little city, literally the city of Mary in the heart of Western Africa. A place of encounter and dialogue. We can find these little cities all over the world.

It offers accommodation for groups and individuals and the possibility for meetings.

Mary Health of Africa

The inpatient services include Maternity, Surgical, Medical, and Pediatric Wards.

To facilitate the treatment of its patients, Mary Health of Africa Hospital also provides ancillary services such as a clinical laboratory, pharmacy, radiology (xray, echogram and ultrasound), physical therapy, acupuncture and dental clinic.

Our Lady Seat of Wisdom College

Our Boarding school started in September 1966 with 42 enrolled students – including 4 girls.

Little by little dormitories for the students, apartments for the professors, a canteen and workrooms were added. Today it prepares approx. 400 students who are coming from the whole of Cameroon.

Morning Star Nursery School

The kindergarten Morning Star will celebrate it‘s 10 th year anniversary in 2015. It attends to 6 months to 5years old children of the area.

It’s highly recommended by the local people offering high quality education that is based on the life of the Gospel.

50 Years Anniversary

The Focolare Movement in Fontem turns 50!

By now the story of Fontem is known by many … but for those who want to know more, here are some statistics:
1966: a significant and important year for the Bangwa, who at that time, seemed to become extinct due to several tropical diseases…

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Humanitarian Aid (Humanitäre Hilfe e.V.) is a Germany based and registered NGO that accompanies projects in countries that need support. One main focus is Cameroon – one of their projects is the Mary Health of Africa General Hospital in Fontem. If you would like to help our hospital financially you could donate through this registered and friendly society.