Focolare Movement of Fontem

Gen 4

„Let the children come to me“

These words of Jesus are very real in the Focolare Movement where children have a privileged place. „Gen 5“ are children up to 4 years of age and „Gen 4“ up to age 9. The spirituality of unity is presented to these children in a style that they can understand and appreciate and they take to it with real enthusiasm, putting it into practice immediately wholeheartedly.

The children are enchanted by the life of Jesus and try to put His words into action, especially through living the Word of Life.

One of their special resources has become well known, it is the ‘dice of love’, each of its faces shows a point from the art of loving: love everyone, be the first to love, make yourself one, see Jesus in the other, love your enemy and love one another. “We roll it each morning – they explain – and whatever phrase comes up we try to live for the whole day.”

The children share this life with their school friends, other friends and relatives. As a result there are some classes and a few entire schools, as well as some parish groups and educational projects that have taken up using the dice as a method of formation.
Meeting together so that the children:
• Experience the joy of being together, of playing and of being creative while at the same time respecting one another
• Developing the ability to love others and the culture of giving; growing together in their faith.
• Discovering all that is positive in the world:
a universe that can be animated by generosity, solidarity, peace, by a love that promotes
universal brotherhood.

These children really are living proof of the words Chiara gave them: “When we love we are happy, and if we always love we will always be happy!”