Focolare Movement of Fontem



The “volunteers of God” is a branch of the Focolare Movement comprising of lay men and women, married or single who bear witness to the Gospel in their daily lives. From their families to their work places, markets and at every street corner they strive to live the ideal of the focolare spirituality: Love and Unity. The volunteers are radical in their choice of God. As such they go against the current of the modern world which promotes self interest, corruption, immorality and the desire to exert power over others. To all these they propose……

The volunteer’s of God constitute gather together in small groups of about 5 to 8 persons meeting regularly in each others homes so as to generate the presence of Jesus in their midst through mutual love for one another. During these meetings, they meditate on the Word of Life or any other material by Chiara Lubich (foundress of the Focolare Movement), and further enrich one another with experiences from putting the word of God in practice.

The volunteers live mutual love and charity among them by sharing the joys and sufferings of one another. They also pull their surpluses together in what is called “the communion of Goods”, in order to support the needy among and around them. In this way, they are compared to the “first Christians” of modern times.

Whenever possible, volunteers attend mass daily in order to build union with God through the consumption of Jesus in the Eucharist.