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The Focolare Movement in Fontem turns 50!

By now the story of Fontem is known by many … but for those who want to know more, here are some statistics:

1966: a significant and important year for the Bangwa, who at that time, seemed to become extinct due to several tropical diseases, especially sleeping sickness.

On the 6th of February, the first focolarini physicians arrived: Lucio Dal Soglio, Nicasio Triolo and Danilo Gioacchin, who began to treat the sick right away. They were soon joined by the focolarine: Anny Keymeulen and Giuseppina Di Lorenzo on the 19th of March, and then by Rita Azarian and Walburga Stocker on the 8th of June.

Already that year on the 18th of June, Chiara Lubich came to visit Fontem for the first time, after meeting the day before in Buea with Bishop Peeters (the then Bishop of that diocese). It was he who had come to Chiara to request for focolarini in his diocese.

The laying of the foundation stone of the Mary Health of Africa Hospital took place on the 19th of June. Then the inauguration of the secondary school, Our Lady Seat of Wisdom College, took place on the 13th of September.

In the space of twenty years, a strong recovery in the growth of the population was noted, which was followed by a spiritual and human flourishing throughout this valley, which brought about a strong openness of this people to receive the Gospel.

In recognition for all that has happened here in Fontem, these past 50 years is an opportunity for us to thank God and all those who, throughout these years, have contributed to its development, and to highlight the “fruits” that have been gathered, and to assess the current prospects.

The preparations for the celebrations are already on-going…

For those who wish to know more about the life, the spirit and the structures that are currently present here in Fontem, or how to help in the preparations of this Jubilee, please go to our website: or write us at: