Building workshop

Building together
«… Love gathers people together in an assembly; it makes a people, the Church. This manifestation of love is expressed practically in the houses which are necessary, in the churches, in all the buildings in all that clothes and shelters individuals and the people of God…”    (Chiara Lubich, 27 February 1981).
This is the goal of the FOCOLARE BUILDING WORKSHOP since it was created in the 60's of the past century.  
The Workshop was one of the first activities that the pioneer focolarini put into action…. The first projects were the residences for the doctors and nurses at the hospital, and at the same time the foundations were being laid for the hospital itsef.  In the following years  many others building were constructed to suit the development and the needs of the Little Town of Fontem. The buildings for "Our Lady Seat of Wisdom College” for example, the Parish Church of St. Clare in Menji,  the  Mariapolis Centre …just to name some of the projects  that have been carried out over the  years. Today , Fontem, after 50 years looks like a small city with more than 50 buildings including private residences.
There is also the very important  aspect of the infrastructure, most importantly the  roads which are  essential to make possible communication between the various villages and  the major cities of Cameroon. And there are also the water systems, the electricity supply lines, the internal telephone……
The Workshop in this multifaceted  reality plays a fundamental role in  the maintenance of all the structures and in the future development of the Little Town.