Temporary Mariapolis

Is it possible to make an experience of  the life of the Permanent Mariapolis Fontem in three or four days?  Yes, the life of Fontem is brought to the different cities in Cameroon yearly.  This is the temporary Mariapolis wherein for about four days, people from different walks of life – doctors, lawyers, teachers, farmers, students, housewives, both children and adult - make the experience of a model society renewed by evangelical love.  It is like a retreat but different because it is lived together with each day having talks, workshops, outings and fun, moments of reflection and discussion.

The law of the temporary Mariapolis, like that of the Permanent Mariapolis, is reciprocal love.  With this law given by Jesus,  participants learn to dialogue with true openness and to be a gift for one another. 

The 2014 temporary Mariapolises were held in St Mary School, Ndop and in Bishop Rogan College, Buea.